Hu Shanwei

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Concubine Zhang took the bowl of porridge and put it heavily on the table. "Have you come to see the jokes of this palace?"

Concubine Zhang took the bowl of porridge and put it heavily on the table. "Have you come to see the jokes of this palace?" She said with a sneer. "You want to see me bow my head, cry, and beg you to speak well in front of the emperor.". Hum, you have miscalculated. Even if I starve to death, I won't eat what you send. Concubine Quan Xian said, "It was sent by Hu Shanggong." Zhang Guifei was really hungry at this time. She drank the porridge and had the strength to quarrel with Quan Xianfei. Zhang Guifei was unwilling to lag behind others all her life. Lost the power of the harem, she is still the imperial concubine, can not show timidity in front of the virtuous imperial concubine. "Don't worry, Empress," said Concubine Quan Xian. "My sister is only in charge of the harem. When the Empress gets well." "I'm not sick." Zhang Guifei interrupted. I am the emperor's woman, is the imperial concubine, I want to have a child, or after the title, just the idea of a normal woman, what is wrong with me? Quan Xianfei followed Zhang Guifei. "Well, the imperial concubine is not ill.". When the imperial concubine has figured it out, the emperor will lift the ban on the Yanxi Palace and let the empress out. The imperial concubine is still in the palace. Concubine Zhang said coldly, "When the time comes, are you willing to give it back to this palace?" Concubine Quan Xian said, "My sister is just serving the emperor and sharing his worries.". What the younger sister wants is nothing more than to be a useful woman to the emperor. The emperor puts the younger sister there,car radiator cap, and the younger sister goes there. Zhang Guifei naturally does not believe, "you are a person, is not the chess piece which lets the human handle, you do not have the sentiment?" Quan Xianfei sighed and looked at Zhang Guifei enviously. "Empress, not everyone has a good family background like Empress.". The empress doesn't want to be a chess piece without feelings, but I don't know how many people want to be this chess piece. "The younger sister was a woman who paid tribute to Korea. Although her father was two classes of nobles, her mother was a commoner and a concubine.". Korea is different from the Ming Dynasty. The children of the Ming Dynasty were born from their fathers. No matter whether they were concubines or concubines, they had the same status on the surface and could take the imperial examination to be officials. North Korea is from the mother,die casting parts, the birth mother is what origin, the child is what origin, can not cross the border, the same father's children, some are masters, some are like a servant, can not come out all his life. "Fortunately, Daming did not care about his concubines. In the Daming draft, as long as he was the daughter of two classes of nobles, he could participate in the election. Because his sister was born better, she had the honor to come all the way to the Daming Palace through layers of selection." "Because the younger sister became the emperor's concubine, the birth mother made an exception to her wife, and the brothers could also go to Sungkyunkwan (similar to the Imperial College of Korea) to study, and in the future they could become two classes of nobles." "The emperor has changed the fate of his sister and her family, metal stamping parts ,die cast light housing, and his sister should be a good chess piece for the emperor.". The younger sister came here today just to talk to the empress thoroughly. Don't guess each other. The younger sister has no malice to the empress. Everything is arranged by the emperor. Everything the younger sister does is just for the emperor's worries. Zhang Guifei still doesn't believe it. "She's really good at talking. What a beautiful flower.". You're just young, and you're the head of the West Palace. You just want to do things, and you don't want to have children? Don't want to be the successor? Quan Xianfei swears to heaven, "really.". The younger sister just regards the position of the virtuous imperial concubine as a job, just like Hu Shanggong when Shanggong, there is no other idea. The younger sister is a good job, the emperor gives beautiful clothes, the family also gets splendor and wealth, this is the younger sister's reward, the younger sister is satisfied. Compared with other married women, the younger sister felt that this was very happy. When the emperor's woman, no children, the same person to provide for the elderly, but also a lot less trouble. In Quan Xianfei's view, the imperial concubines, the virtuous imperial concubines, and the imperial palace are all working for the emperor. If you do this job well and get the reward you deserve, don't have any other ideas. This day will be very passable. Look at Hu Shanggong. Her beauty is above the middle level. After three Dynasties in Shanggong, she has no idea about the three emperors. How stable her position is and how decent it is to go out. Quan Xianfei felt that the reward Zhang Guifei asked for was too high, which caused the boss to be unhappy and changed his subordinates. If you don't do it, someone else will do it. Zhang Guifei loved Emperor Yongle, expecting to have a child with the person she liked, expecting to be able to become a full member, stand side by side with him, and be his wife. This is a very normal and natural idea. Love begets sorrow, love begets terror. But Quan Xianfei doesn't love Yongle Emperor. She just regards Yongle Emperor as her boss. If she does this job well, the whole family can get an iron rice bowl. The chickens and dogs ascend to heaven. The welfare is good, the salary is high, and the bonus is amazing. The only disadvantage is that she is too far away from home-there is no such good job close to home. Or make those who leave love have neither sorrow nor fear. Quan Xianfei's perfect mask is to love her job and do a good job-that is, she doesn't love the emperor. Quan Xianfei felt that it was enough to be a favorite concubine who could play the flute. She was good at this. But now Emperor Yongle gave her the power of the harem. She felt that the pressure was too great. The responsibility and ability were not equal. She was afraid that there would be trouble. There was no powerful mother's family like the British government behind her. Maybe her life and the wealth of the whole family will be ruined here. Quan Xianfei hoped that Zhang Guifei would get over it as soon as possible, cheer up and regain the power of the harem. She handed over the burden and felt at ease to play her flute. Zhang Guifei swept the flat abdomen of Quan Xianfei, "When you are in power, your ideas will not be so simple." When Concubine Quan Xianfei saw that Concubine Zhang still didn't believe her, she was worried. "The emperor always cares about the empress. My sister is a vassal concubine, but she dare not have the idea of having children." The heir was the heart knot of Concubine Zhang. Hearing this, she pulled Concubine Quan and asked in her ear, "When you were sleeping, the emperor.." Have you ever really touched you? This sentence is finally asked! As soon as Quan Xianfei's body stiffened, she vaguely guessed the reason why Zhang Guifei was banned. It was a matter of confidentiality. Even if there were others, Quan Xianfei also whispered: "From entering the palace to now, sister.." And a virgin. Zhang Guifei's body shook in disbelief, "You." Impossible. Who does not know that the imperial concubine in the harem is the most respected and the virtuous concubine is the most favored, and the virtuous concubine is the favorite of the emperor's heart. Quan Xianfei loosened the belt on the skirt, and the horse face skirt fell to the ground, revealing the skirt support woven by the ponytail inside. Quan Xianfei untied the belt of the skirt support again. With a clang,metal stamping parts, the wide skirt support hit the ground. There was only a pair of gauze trousers inside, and the silver-striped jade legs were looming. "If the empress doesn't believe it, she will know by testing it." 。

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